Galantusz Grafika
Galantusz Grafika
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We have been present since 2000!

Galantusz Grafika has developed into an online business over the years. We work without borders, we don't maintain an office because the technological advancement of communication tools has allowed us to connect with almost anyone in the world. We can deliver our digital materials or print-ready publications to customers online. We can deliver our printed publications free of charge in Hungary.


For the first 5 years, we made cartoons - even before the company was founded, for a total of approx. 10 years.
During this time, we have participated in a number of highly successful productions, such as: Mr. Bean, Ének a csodaszarvasról, Percy the Park Guard, Angelina Ballerina ... It was during this period that we learned character drawing.
Using this knowledge, a wealth of amazing graphics, illustrations and publications were born under our hands. Today, our illustrations and publications are requested in some form from many countries in Europe.

Graphics almost anywhere

We make illustrations from classic genres to the business world to entertaining literature.
We make your materials special with brilliant ideas and carefully designed illustrations. Our eventful creations come to life almost for a moment. We can adapt to the style and idea you want. If necessary, we work independently, if necessary, we implement the customer's idea.

Time and flexibility

We try to adapt to our clients' schedules and deadlines. If necessary, we provide several rounds for the given work. We make suggestions for the best results, keeping in mind the marketability. Therefore, the original deadlines cannot be met in all cases. There may be unforeseen requests, obstacles that have arisen over time that could not be seen at the time of bidding. We can only bridge and solve this with extra time. In most cases, this does not cost extra, if you do, we will indicate it in advance.

How a project starts with us

When we start a new project, we review the submitted material in the first round.
This material can be a specific description, or a simple idea, or a sketch. Then we start to sketch, design the characters or the publication according to the image formed in us. This usually takes more time. Once the buyer has accepted these sketches, work begins.

What we make

From the world of books and storybooks to business publications, we design and produce online and offline materials. Today, the development of community profiling has also become a requirement, which we will be happy to do if we are invited to do so.
We create your image or its elements, the most sought after elements of which are the logo and the business card. It is almost mandatory for start-ups. The website cannot be missing from its online presence either, the community profile cannot replace it!
We can also provide a discount for a start-up business, website and / or image design.
We create presentations and slideshows that can make the presentation more enjoyable, but we can also film them on request.

At what price do we work?

We will give you a quote based on the material or discussion received. It largely depends on the completion time. Although we have a price list on our website, these are for information only and may change from time to time.
Our prices include a plan and a circle. If you need more than one plan, we will compensate it in our prices. Please indicate this request when requesting a price!

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