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Corporate identity design
The opportunity!
The identity
nothing more than the appearances of the company.

With a new identity, new opportunities! A corporate image is a visual element that is chosen to represent the entire organization - from corporate logos to the colors used.


It starts with a talkative logo ...


Everything that is important to represent your company!


The refined formal look in the Corporate identity

Corporate identity, or visual appearance, helps your business reach the level of communication it actually wants to represent.

If you purposefully show your customers a unified face in all areas of your business, you will be told that there is organized and expert work going on in your company.

What is a corporate identity good for?

The corporate identity is not a beautifully designed graphic, but a part of the company's sales system, which helps sales.

Corporate identity design strategy

In order to create an optimal image for the target group and the company, it is important that the planning is preceded by proper preparation. Thus, we assess the area of activity and create the corporate image based on business considerations.

How do we do corporate identity planning?

We always design the image of your company based on the specifics of the industry, taking into account marketing aspects.

Before designing a profile, you should have a discussion during which we clarify the issues related to the profile.

Based on the discussion, we design the elements of the profile. When we are done, we will present a plan.

All elements of the image are made according to the accepted plan. The finished pictures will then be handed over to you.

If the image plan does not match the idea, we will discuss it again and aim again accordingly.

The price includes this redesign.
Since we don't build on ideas, so we have a plan, if you didn't like the first plan, we build a new image plan based on it.

Small Corporate Identity

A start-up business will need the most basic image elements. These are Logo, Business Card, Stationery, Envelope, Seal, Website. Among them, the most used elements are logo and business card. Designing an image is usually started with a logo. The logo will differentiate the company from its other company, i.e. it will represent the company on different interfaces and forums.


The logo is the basis of the company. It defines its colors, style and mood. If the logo is not effective, it will have a bad effect on communication.
I have compiled the main groups of logos as a guide, it is worth reviewing them before ordering.

TEXT LOGOS: When designing text logos, the full name of the company is dominant. Recommended for start-ups.

ICONIC LOGOS: When using an iconic logo, it is important what image we choose as a starting point because it will symbolize our company for a long time.

KABALA LOGOS: Mascot logos are often colorful, sometimes cartoonish, and can be humorous. This kind of logo is a good opportunity to create a truly unique logo.

COMBINED LOGOS The combined logo is a good choice because the text and the image together effectively influence this logo.

Marketing background in design: The logo and emblem are used to differentiate and inform market participants. In order for this process to be as effective as possible, the client and the graphic designer, i.e. me :) need to work closely together to make the logo as reflective of the company as possible.
So, you know what you want, but we don't. But we can solve it together!

Business cardEnter heading here...

A business card is a connection tool for a company. it now has much more information than it used to have. With the QR code, you can easily import the contact information into the phonebook, or even share several pages of information with it, or just video or promotional materials.

business card design

Why contact us?

  • Because unique, much more valuable than a dozen! Let's build the image of your company together, because, a good image is much more than one would think!
  • Because, at first glance, it can be convincing. His appearance reveals a lot about everyone.
  • Because it can immediately seem authentic and reliable. Behind a unified organization, a stable, fair company is always assumed.
  • Since a good image is no longer just for multis, it is available to all companies present in the market.

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