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Website design

What we can offer: modern websites optimized for mobile devices. Modern design, business-like approach with user-friendly pages, providing a pleasant sight!
Our motto: A good website is like a well-established store.
Sells great!

Website design

Introductory website

Recommended for start-ups, an affordable, few-page, upgradeable website.
Website design
The whole activity and services of a company, a website operating as a kind of information hub.
Website design
Sales pages
Incentive website for newsletter subscription, registration, purchase.


Convert visitors into customers!
Ready to turn your site into a useful marketing tool?
Convert visitors into potential customers. Create a 7/24 hour marketing machine!

As far as your site is concerned, bad design can have serious consequences...

You may lose revenue, expect low conversions, high bounce rates, mistrust, and an amateurish appearance.

Because Galantusz Grafika combines design and takes into account the psychological effects that determine when and why people buy from your website ...

We know the process that helps visitors make a decision. First impressions matter a lot!

Just because your business deserves to have a strong marketing tool in its possession. On the other hand, we believe in a long-term relationship that strengthens mutual respect between the two parties.


We help you get the most out of your virtual space!
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Increase your influence...

Our website designs help you achieve greater impact by suggesting reliability and professionalism.

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With coordinated pages...

Change the lives of many people because
your site conveys incredible offers and
represents fair value.

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With responsive content!

You get a website from us that adjusts to the screen resolution, provides a great look, represents the brand, and attracts the target market.


Isn’t it time for a website you can be proud of?
One that positions you as an expert, increases your prestige, and really makes you grow? All you have to do is focus on what you are good at so you can spend more time with your business or expanding it. You have more free time left for your favorite pastime, or you can spend more time with the most important people.
A good website can completely change your business and life…

When you order a new website, we will do the following ...
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Customized design

Completely unique website design, taking into account your ideas, which we align with the image. We do not use templates!

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Profit oriented website

A website designed to increase your profile and attract ideal customers, designed using psychology to get visitors to take action.

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Easy administration

Our websites run under Joomla CMS. The website created in this way can be easily edited or new content or new menus can be created without programming knowledge.


How to start?

We can create effective websites that can achieve results because we have a proven, efficient process system that includes the instructions needed to create a website.

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Step 1

We ask a lot of questions to get a more accurate picture of the area.

Step 2

We look at what works and what doesn’t work on your website based on the information we receive.

Step 3

We will prepare the sketch, which we will complete after your approval.


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